Panic Time for the Bermuda Race.

It’s June 15th, and the Checkin for the race opens at noon. I have all the documentation done, and I’m ready to check in. The boat, however, is still in Stonington, frantically being worked on. Dave Maguire, his co-worker Scottie, and two amazing guys from Dodson Boatyard, James & Casey, have been working the boat for 2 weeks in a mad dash to get things done. Because of the the size of the boat (40 ft), 4 people is the max number of people you can get on the boat working on it. More than that and they keep getting in each others way, and the amount of things done actually goes down.

The list of things we have done to this boat is so long that I’ll detail it in another post. suffice it to say that we now have the strongest and safest J/120 in existence. Which is a good thing because the ocean is an unforgiving place.

The crew (and Dave is part of the crew), have also been working on the boat since I purchased it in January. Most weekends and nights have been dedicated to working on the boat since then. But the scale of the amount of repairs required dwarfs the amount of time we had (since we all have day jobs).

Lesson number 1: Never buy a boat in the same year as the Bermuda race you plan to sail it in. I should have learned that when my dad bought the Swan 48 “de Halve Maen”. That didn’t need any work done to it except shipping it from Majorca, plus commissioning and the extra safety gear that is required for the race and I still ended up standing on the boat with Sheila McCurdy our Safety Inspector as the boat was in the slings being lowered into the water.

Lesson number 2: Since I clearly am a slow learner, see lesson number 1.


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2 thoughts on “Panic Time for the Bermuda Race.

    • Thanks Dave, we’ll do our best. Deb also said to say hi. If you get out this way we would love to see you again.