Sunday morning 28 miles from our Gulf stream entry point

Our boat is definitely showing speed. We have moved up in the fleet so much that we are no longer in danger of winning the Cook’s trophy. Still having teething problems. When we went to the Jibtop sail, it kept pulling out of the foil groove at the top when we tensioned it. Looking at it closely, we can see the the turning sheaves for the jib are too far below the forestay attachment point on the mast. Net result is that we pull it out. The previous owner used hanked on sails and so never had the issue. The permanent fix is to move the sheave box, which means taking the mast down, drilling a new opening, and putting in a new one. Not happy.

For now what we are doing is lashing the snap shackle of the halyrad to the foil.Right now we are flying the code zero, so haven’t tried out the fix.

The boat is doing 9.6 knts and flying. we are heeled over quite a bit. We are approaching the wind range limit for this sail.

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